Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day Ten - A Cup o' Joe to Go

Using My Own Coffee Mug at Coffee Shops

Yeah, ok, some of these tips save a LOT and some save a little. This is one of the latter ones. But hey, it's relatively easy to do and it's another way to satisfy my caffiene addiction.

Pretty much any coffee shops and most gas stations are happy to let you use your own travel mug at their establishment. Why wouldn't they be? It saves them $0.03 a cup. In fact, if you happen to favor one particular coffee shop (or chain) check to see if they have a refill-a-mug type program, as it could save you money too. Sometimes they have “buy the travel mug and get the coffee free” or “coffee and travel mug special” or “travel mug refill” specials.

It's easy to do. Just keep a clean travel mug in your car at all times. That way, whenever the urge hits, you're prepared.


I hit the coffee shop, on average, once a week. By simply bringing my own cup, I reduce my disposable cup usage 100%, saving 52 paper (or sometimes styrofoam - YIKES!) cups each year. I already own a couple of travel mugs, so there's no initial investment for me.


Super-Duper easy, as long as you always leave a fresh mug in the car.

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