Friday, August 24, 2007

Day Fifty-Five - "To Hell With Personal Hygeine" Day

Skipping One Shower Each Week

Before you all go "eeeewwwwww", just remember, you don't have to smell my blog, you only read it.

I don't know when I became so obsessed with personal cleanliness. I wasn't always like this and, in fact, I remember when I would revel in my disheveled weekend appearance. The way my hair feels a bit thicker, more "moldable"... The dew-like softness of my skin... that unmistakable day-old-deodorant smell. I feel like I have become that favorite old grey sweatshirt I acquired so long ago that I don't even remember where I got it.

Perhaps my obsession with personal cleanliness began when I lost control of "whole-house" cleanliness. With two kids, a dog and a "home improvement" husband, I have long since lost the battle with dust, dirt, grime and dog fur. At least, for the most part, I can control how clean I am. But cleanliness does come at a price. For me, that price is approximately 25 gallons of water each day.

Therefore, I now declare Sundays "To Hell With Personal Hygiene Day".

We don't usually do much on Sundays anyhow (except for grocery shopping) so this is the day I'd be least likely to offend others. However, if we do have plans that day, I will allow the "THWPHD" to be postponed to Monday of the same week.


At 25 gallons per shower, skipping just one shower per week will net me a savings of 1,300 gallons per year. I'm betting that hubby will like this particular conservation effort and will eagerly join the "Stink Force", so I think we can safely plan on doubling that figure to 2,600 gallons for the household.

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5

Easy for me, only slightly more difficult for those around me.


gregra&gar said...

Short of having extremely stinky or toxic jobs I am not quite sure why anyone would take a bath every day in the first place. Maybe it is the suppressed anxiety of knowing how we poison nature and its karmic balance of revenge. To me deodorant smells like animal shame and has gagged me far worse than most body odor.

Nokomis said...

Well said.

Roberto said...

Well said. Aside from it saving resources, skipping showers is probably healthier for hair and skin, as it allows the body to retain its natural oils.

And from an odor standpoint, the healthier one's diet and the more exercise on gets, the less of an issue odor becomes.