Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day Fifty-Four - Join The Party

Convincing Others To Conserve

You may recall a while back I posted about my attempt to switch from bleached, paper coffee filters to my homemade natural muslin filters. You may also recall that I failed miserably in my attempt, having been caught trying to pull one past Mr. Coffee. But, my friends, persistence pays off. In less than one month, I managed to convince him to see things my way. I made him several batches of coffee using a reusable coffee basket and he agreed that he couldn't taste any difference.

See, sometimes you have to go the extra mile to help others see the light. I'm not saying you should try to push your green ideas on all your friends, acquaintances and co-workers, but it's perfectly acceptable to annoy beloved family members until they crack.

So now I can continue with my 100% success rate and post my savings.


We make one pot of coffee every weekday morning, two pots of coffee on weekend mornings, and every now and then we'll have a pot of decaf at night. That's about 40 filters a month, or nearly 500 per year. But more importantly, is the fact that I WON.

Difficulty Level: 3 out of 5

A hard-won battle for sure, but it just goes to show you that with determination and a good attitude you can browbeat anyone.

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