Friday, June 6, 2008

Ode to a Crazy Mother-Clucker

A Tribute to Crunchy Chicken

Last week, La Crunch announced her retirement from the blogosphere. I immediately wrote up a short little farewell post in her honor, thanking her for all she's done to inspire her readers. Three days later, she reneged.

But that's Crunchy. She likes to keep you on your toes.

Well right back at ya, Crunchmiester. Because retiring or not, you're getting a tribute. So there, dammit.

If you don't read Crunchy's blog (and I'll be amazed if you don't - friggin' crawl out from under that rock already) you should. She is insightful, humorous, intelligent and pretty crafty with artsy-fartsy photoshop stuff. And, she is an amazingly generous person.

This past Februrary, she wrote a post about how Tampax and Always were donating disposable pads and tampons to young women in Africa, which allowed them to stay in school. Crunchy pondered whether this "charitable act" was entirely altruistic, or perhaps just a way to hook future consumers. And rather than just bitch about the greed of corporations, she actually got off her ass and DID SOMETHING.

Crunchy created a non-profit organization called Goods 4 Girls, that provides reusable pads to these young girls. Thereby addressing, not only their personal hygiene problems, but the ecological impacts of the solution as well.

Amazing stuff. She sees a problem. She devises a remedy. She implements a solution. She doesn't whine, or bitch, or wait for someone else to do it. She sees a need and she selflessly fills it. Don't you wish more folks were like that? Don't you kind of wish you were like that?

Well now's your chance. Hop on over to the Crunchy Tribute site and find out how you can do something right now. Quick! Before that rock falls back on you! ;-)

- 'Burbs


Green Bean said...

Oh yeah, Burbs! Oh yeah! Crunchy totally inspires me because she is a DOER! She makes shit happen.

arduous said...

Um, the title of your blog post has me DYING. Hee!

Chile said...

Oh man, I just about fell outta my chair laughing when I read your post title! Sputtering, my ass. Great write-up here, Burbs.

Beany said...

You know Crunchy Chicken was the first person to change my mind about moms and how much change they could commit to once they set their mind to it. I have been blown away (in non terrorist sense) at how much all these women online are doing. I mean...cloth wiping? Diva cupping? I had a lot of "holy shit" moments when reading the mom blogs.

Hmm...some how your blog brings out the potty mouth in me.

MamaBird said...

Totally agreed. Some people are chitter chatterers and others are DOERS (and also blogging chitter chatterers but hey, I'm trying to focus). Crunchy rocks and so do you! I apparently have trouble with not only time zones but days of the week. Sigh. I swear I thought we were supposed to post tonight!! But I do love Crunchy!