Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Fine Print

Well, it happened again. I had The World's Best Post all typed up. Witty, insightful with just a touch of sarcasm (ok, a little heavy on the sarcasm, but that's how I like it). And then BAM! Blogger frickin' eats it. Sucks to be me.

Frick. Now it's creepin' up on bedtime and I don't feel like trying to recreate the magical post that got away. So you're stuck with this crap instead. Now it sucks to be both of us.

So the heck with this post, go read a book instead. One that deals with environmentalism, preferably. One that you borrow from a friend or library or bought used. But not a new one. Not this time.

I'll offer you some suggestions from what I've read so far:

***** Deep Economy
***** Omnivore's Dilemma
**** In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto
***** Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
*** Last Child in the Woods
* Affluenza (I didn't like this one much, but others find it amusing)
** Consuming Kids
*** Simple Prosperity
** Common Wealth

Those are supposed to be "stars" next to the book titles, but after losing a post to blogger purgatory, I'm in no mood to fancy shit up. If you're looking for in depth review of eco-books, check out the awesome Blogging Bookworm site set up as a continuation of Green Bean's "I'm a Bookworm" Challenges.

And as always, feel free to hop on the Yahoo! Group and share your envirobook recommendations!


Bobbi said...

I've read about half of your book recommendations - nice choices!

Sorry about blogger - knock on wood, I've never had it eat a post before. Now that I've typed this, it will probably happen to me today!

Green Bean said...

I'm almost done with Deep Economy and liking it more than I thought I would. I owe it to you and Melinda that I finally read it.

I'd also recommend Break Through.

ib mommy said...

I guess I'll have to spend the rest of the day trying to cut out squares for all the freakin' cloth napkins I'm trying to make since my library seems to be out of every book I've looked for lately:)

Joan said...

Someone talked about blogger problems. Sorry about that. I just finished "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle". I enjoyed it.

curiousalexa said...

I love interlibrary loan! and email notification!

I picked up "radical simplicity" (was confusing it with your reference to "simple properity" oops) and "cooking with sunshine" from the local lib last night. Finished the first; plan to build a solar oven saturday! catalog claims deep economy is on shelf, so will stop on my way to train station this afternoon.

thanks for the pointers! so while i'm sorry blogger ate your post, nicely done with the substitute... [g]

Robj98168 said...

LOL LWYNAY(Laughing with you not at you) I got so frustrated at writing the world's greatest blog post and having blogger have an error and then my post dissapearing into thin air, I now usually wrtie my porst in word or works or even notepad first then paste it up to blogger. That helps as then you always have a record.

Chile said...

Hint: write up your blog post in Word first, then copy and paste (and do all the tidying up, finding hyperlinks, adding photos). That way, you've got the rough copy at least if blogger gets hungry. ;-)

BTW, where do you find the time to read?!

curiousalexa said...

Finished Deep Economy this afternoon. Time to read? By avoiding all other obligations! (plus a three hour train ride to start the book).

A very nice antidote to the Econ class I've been failing to work on... [wry grin]

Burbanmom said...

GB: Haven't heard of Break Through.. will check it out!

IB Mommy: If you're looking for something to read, let me know and I'll send you In Defense of Food (the follow up to Omnivore's Dilemma).

Curiousalexa: We have LibraryLinc where I can log on, find the book I want and request to pick it up at my local branch. I get email notifications when it arrives. It's like having a personal shopper!

Rob: Hmmmm, that just sounds so... soo... sensible. Definitely not my style ;-)

Chile: When I'm hiding in the bathroom pretending to take a really long dump. :-)

eco 'burban mom said...

Whew! I have been struggling through Affluenza for a month and half now and just find it too cheeky and silly. Maybe because I just don't buy much already? I dunno... Though, I took Omnivore's Dilemma on vacation with me and am loving it to pieces. So, I will chuck Affluenza back at the library the next time I pass by and won't feel bad at all! I was wondering what was wrong with me, thinking I just don't "get" it. ;o)

Burbanmom said...

Eco Burbs, that is EXACTLY how I felt about it. Way too cutesy to swallow (and this from the Queen of Puns, go figure!). Chuck it without guilt - there's many other books to be read!

ib mommy said...

I just want you to know I just spit up my nice vegan breakfast after reading your reply to Chile. My library copy of Omnivore's Dilemma was hiding at the bottom of the stack in the "water closet" under a bunch of kayaking magazines. I never got to read it AND it was waaaaay overdue.

daharja said...

OK. I've subscribed to the Yahoo group :-)