Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yes, I'm Still Here....

But hot diggity jingle bells, December is one BUSY month! I'm volunteering at preschool tomorrow with the kiddos' music teacher. I'm helping her get the little ones ready for their big Christmas concert. SUPER-DUPER-LOTS-O-FUN! I can't wait!

But, tomorrow is Monday so I had a post due. I got it all done tonight, though, so I don't have to feel any pressure tomorrow, I can just jam out to "Away in a Manger" all morning! :-)

Anyhow, the post I did is for the December APLS Carnival and the topic is "Our Children Are Our Greatest Natural Resource". Check it out.


Unknown said...

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A great writeup and endorsement by Nicholas Kristof in the NY Times:


Seth Trachy

Anonymous said...

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