Thursday, March 13, 2008

#191 - Cream of the Crop

Putting REAL Creamer in My Coffee

Remember last month when I was all jazzed up about trying to cut some High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) out of my diet? If you don't remember, don't feel too bad, I forgot too. That's me in a nutshell. All pissed off about something one day, distracted by a shiny object the next. You really have no idea how amazed I am that I still even write in this blog!


Well, I've got HFCS change #2 for you today. It is to replace my usual CoffeeMate Hazelnut Yum-O-Riffic Chemical Concoction with good, old fashioned cream and sugar. Not only does this entirely nix any morning HFCS, but it also means one less #2 plastic bottle per week. Instead I will be using cream purchased in a returnable glass bottle (same dairy that produces our regular milk). And the sugar? Comes in a big ol' paper sack.

I made the switch over two weeks ago and I must say, I don't miss the flavors. much. I thought that the calories in the cream would be a tad high, but because it is so.... well, "creamy", I find that I use much less of it than I thought I would.


HFCS plus one plastic bottle each week. Two birds with one stone. Good stuff.

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5

As long as the COFFEE part is still there, everything will be ok. Mess with the java though? Now that would be a recipe for disaster!


Mary Elizabeth said...

I know the ultimate goal is to nix the plastic - but I'm so excited to tell you that my grocery recycling center now accepts plastics 1-7!!

And at some point I'm going to take this coffeemate challenge. I do love my coffee mate creme brulee;)

LowImpactHome said...

We switched to half and half for our creamer (it comes in a paper carton) and haven't looked back. I thought I would miss my french vanilla flavoring too, but I haven't really been able to tell the difference. I do add an extra spenda, so I am sure the calorie content has gone up.

I wish we could get our milk products in glass, maybe once the Farmers Market comes back to town!

Green Bean said...

Rock on, girl! I don't drink coffee (I know, I know, I'm a freak) but I've wondered about that CoffeeMate Hazelnut stuff because my uber-health conscious parents lap it up in their morning coffee. I read the ingredients once. Nice, healthy change! Glad the cream is working for you. :) Maybe I'll suggest it to my parents . . .

leslie said...

Hooray for cream and sugar.

Asking for cream in my coffee, if I am out somewhere, typically results in a conversation that sounds like this...

server: Do you want cream with that?
patron: Yes, please. Is it real cream, or 'creamer'?
server: Oh, yes, it's real creamer.
patron: Is the creamer powdery?
server: it comes in the little packets.
patron: do you serve whole milk by the glass?
server: yes! Would you want that instead of the coffee?
patron: ..........


Anonymous said...

Yay! Good for you! I got off that stuff earlier this year.

I use cream or milk in my coffee. But instead of sugar (which is highly processed and not good for you) I use stevia raw honey. I buy the honey from the HFS or the farmer's market. (I'd love to have my own beehive one day!)

I also started adding a TBS of blackstrap molasses -- it's full of minerals the body needs. And it helps to keep your hair from going gray.

organicneedle said...

The java monkey is a tough one. What? Each bean has to be individually imported from it's own space craft...constructed of endangered trees and baby polar bear teeth? I really shouldn't. ....Okay....maybe one cup.

Just think...if you give the shampoo bar a whirl you will be down 2 plastic bottles this week.

Anonymous said...

I still miss and gaze longingly at the french vanilla yummy stuff as I grab a (paper carton) cream that my cat and I share... mine in my coffee, his in a saucer. For many months now I have cleaned the cartons and now am filling with dirt and starting planting seeds in them... double-duty.

Wendy said...

When I lived in Germany, I couldn't figure out why the coffee tasted SO good, and that was it - just what you figured out. They used REAL cream instead of the fake crap. I was so accustomed to the fake crap, which I thought tasted good. I found I never missed the flavored stuff, because just regular old cream and "raw" sugar was SO much better - warm, creamy, lucious ... almost as good as chocolate :).

Anonymous said...

"All pissed off about something one day, distracted by a shiny object the next."

Maybe add a little Strattera in with your morning coffee and cream and sugar. Works wonders for a certain someone close to me, even though it's probably polluting our waterways every time he pees.

On second thought, please don't. Your distractions are part of what make you so much fun to read. Don't ever change.