Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Wow. Just looking at that title stressed me out. It's been a rough couple of weeks here at the Burban house. Kiddos have been sick, hubby has been working a lot and Burbanmom is seriously considering a change to Bourbon Mom.

I feel on-edge and I'm bitchy as hell. I'm stress-eating everything within reach have more than once considered buying a bulk-sized package of Easter Peeps as a mid-morning pick-me-up.

I need to de-stress. For me, for my health, for my sanity... For my kids, my hubby and the general population in a mobile 3-foot radius around me. And so I am joining Chile's Stress Less Challenge.

My gut reaction when I read the challenge was "30 MINUTES?!?! WHERE THE %$!@# AM I GONNA FIND 30 *&%$#$@! MINUTES?!?!?" But after the crazy week I've had, I've decided to drop the ambiguous cursewords and find the fucking time. Because I need to.

So here goes, Chile, I'm diving in head first and I'm not even gonna wimp out and ask for the three ten-minute breaks. I will be waking up a half hour early each day and walking the trails or otherwise exercising. I find that exercise not only relaxes me, but it clears my mind and leaves me with more energy throughout the day (I have no idea how that works). Most importantly, it de-stresses me and makes me a more patient mom. And my kids deserve that.

Thanks, Chile! Now if I can just figure out how to get the &#$~!#%$@ doo-dad to post in my sidebar, I can start &#$~!%$@ relaxing!


Chile said...

Calm down! Ok, now take a breath. Slowly. Pause. Let it out. No, not with a stream of profanity! Try again. Close your eyes. (You did secure the kiddies, right?) Just breathe in and out slowly.

Now, figure out something else to do to de-stress for the remaining 28 minutes. :)

Green Bean said...

Good for you!! I couldn't figure out where to find 30 minutes without the kids or frantically cooking or frantically doing dishes or frantically doing laundry, well you get the picture. Let me know how it goes. I may become inspired.