Monday, May 26, 2008

Great Read Today

Hey folks, just realized today is actually Monday, which means you're probably expecting a post from me. Well, as I told my mom many, many years ago, "prepare to be disappointed".

However, if you're looking for a truly insightful and motivational read today (although odds are you're not since you're reading "Burbanmom") please check out Kyle's post today over at Green With A Gun. He makes a great argument for all of us to get off our duffs and do something today.

You know, like I'm supposed to be doing.


arduous said...

Thanks for the link. Definitely a thought-provoking post, and I do agree with it to a large extent. But I have to admit, that after months of reducing my individual impact, I've come to realize that you hit somewhat of a wall in terms of time and money and what you can do. Like this whole month has been one head-banging, month of, "Well, if I take public transit from work, the slow connections mean I don't get home until nine, and if I get home at nine, I don't have time to go buy local bread, and if I don't have time to buy local bread, I can't just make myself a little sandwich, and if I can't make myself a little sandwich, I have nothing to eat, so I end up eating strawberries for dinner and then going to bed hungry." True story. :)

That doesn't work either. Hmmmm ... I think I'm going to have to expand on this later in a post, but I guess I feel like just as there is a danger in focusing on societal change, we also have to recognize that we can't do it all ourselves.

Burbanmom said...

Arduous -

Yup, I totally understand where you're coming from. You can't possible do it all and still be sane. BUT, you can do A LOT RIGHT NOW to reduce your impact (hell, your whole Compacting effort for the past year has probably done as much good as your public transit attempt) without waiting for politicians and big business to help you out.

Individuals will always have their personal limits. Some folks are too skeeved out to buy from bulk bins, some HAVE to use plastic for medical uses, some lazy suburbanites can't seem to give up their pre-rinsing obsessions. But if we all do what we CAN (and most of it doesn't even inconvenience us!) starting RIGHT NOW, we will be taking a HUGE step in reducing our collective carbon footprints (feetprints?).

All that being said, one of the most important changes we as citizens can make is to: 1. attempt to influence our elected officials through letters, voting, petitions, etc. and 2. vote with out dollars by purchasing ecologically friendly products.

OK, that's enough from me... someone begging to sit on my lap....

green with a gun said...

Wow, since your link every man and his dog, or rather every woman and her cat, have come to visit me :)

Of course not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something, and this something usually turns out to be a lot more than we first thought.

And like I always say, whenever there's some international treaty or city plan, they always give themselves several years to get things done. So whatever you can't do now, figure out what you'd have to do to manage it, and give yourself (say) five years.

You can do just about anything in five years, so long as you're not completely bone-idle like a politician, CEO or Big Brother fan :D