Friday, November 2, 2007

Day 109 - Oh Christmas Tree!

Deciding on an Eco-Friendly Holiday Tree

First item on "The Plan" is the tree. Not because it is the centerpiece of the holidays (although it is) but because it is the easiest decision to make. And I have chosen:


A giant, fake, plastic, imported tree covered with tiny, energy-sucking lightbulbs!

Tada! Wasn't that easy and oh so eco-friendly?

It's not? Are you sure?

I'm pretty sure this is the most eco-friendly choice for me and here's why: I already own the damn thing and it's sitting up in my attic.

One of the easiest ways for me to check the green-ness of any of my ideas is to start with the question: "will this cost me anything?". If the answer is "Yes", I can be 95% assured that it has some sort of NEW impact on the environment. However, if it is something I already own, then the damage has already been done and the best I can do is take good care of it and use it well. Which is what I'm going to do with my seven foot fake plastic tree.

Will my friends that know about my green conversion give me a ration of shit for having a petro-based, lead paint covered tree made by starving 5 year olds in a foreign country? You betcha! They wouldn't be my friends if they didn't. But you know, throwing out a perfectly good fake tree in lieu of a potted evergreen would simply be giving the appearance of being eco-friendly. And that is not what this is about.

I will make one improvement over last year, though. I will take my auto timer (which I already own!) and plug the tree into it so that it is only lit from 6pm - 9pm each night.


No new environmental impact, save the minimal energy used for the lights.

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5

Very simple concept, however pulling the damn thing down out of the attic and scaring all the spiders out of the branches is always a yuletide bitch.


Green Bean said...

I'm with ya, girl! We own the same thing. I've thought about how eco-unfriendly a purchase it was and so on. How much !#$*) I'll get from friends and family now that I've "gone green" but it is just friendlier at this point to keep it. We're going to follow your lead and have the lights on a lot less. Ho ho ho!

leslie said...

This is an A+ idea.
I have already nominated you for sainthood, back in another comment, but a CLEVER one to boot.
If half the people had half the creative thinking patterns you exhibit, we would all be sitting green!
And just think...this year there will be plenty to talk about over egg nog...

Burbanmom said...

Ahk! Green Bean -- so glad you stopped by! I discovered your blog this week and I must say I LOVE the cupcakes you made! You're like SuperMom! I rolled out frozen dough purchased from my kids fundraiser and cut it into circles (uh, I mean "pumpkins") for my kids. Love what you're doing with your blog, look forward to hearing how you green up your kids' holiday. :-)

Burbanmom said...

Hi Leslie! You seem to know when I'm having a rough day and always give me such a lift with your comments. If I haven't said it before -- Thank you! :-)

Now get back to your story, I need something to read! ;-)

- Erin

Emily the Great and Terrible said...

Making do with what you have is ALWAYS better for the environment (unless 'what you have' is a nuke or an SUV). Have a wonderful, blinking, plastic Christmas! Just don't stare at it too long or you might have a seizure.

Anonymous said...

I think you know I totally agree with you. I'm the one trying to get people to reuse their plastic grocery bags before they go out and buy new cotton ones. Yay for reuse!

Burbanmom said...


Anytime I think about running out and buying something new to help me be more green, I think of you and your "This is a Reusable Bag" picture! I love your very common sense plastic posts!