Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 113 - Rock The Vote

Casting My Vote for Candidates Who Share My Concerns

Today is election day! The day when all us average joes can go out and cast our ballot for a brighter future. In small towns and big cities across the country, a paltry 35% of eligible Americans will go to the polls to decide various state and local races.

I beg you, oh informed and enlightened ones - cast your ballots!

That is all.


Mary Elizabeth said...

I early voted! Granted, only one seat was contested - but that was the one I really cared about;)

Green Bean said...

We voted by absentee. It is especially important to vote in small local elections because (1) your vote weighs even more and (2) many environmental changes are happening at local levels. :) Thanks for reminding us all to vote.

Brigid said...

You are so right, green bean! I was a poll warden yesterday for our municipal elections. The turnout was less than 20 percent, and as a result, one School Committee seat was decided by a single vote.

And this isn't the first time. Our current mayor was also elected by a single vote, although the margin widened to 9 or 10 on the recount. Local government has a huge impact on the environmental issues of our everyday lives (I know, because I work for that mayor), so voting in local elections is an easy and very effective way to make your voice heard.