Thursday, November 29, 2007

Supplemental Post - Being Carded

Update on Christmas Cards

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my Christmas Card dilemma as part of my Christmas Planning Series. My quandry was that I love to send out holiday cards to friends and family, but it's not a very eco-friendly thing to do. The options, as I saw them, were:

1. Don't send any cards at all
2. Send e-cards
3. Send cards made from recycled paper and soy inks
4. Send whatever card I like

I asked for your opinions and were surprised to learn that most of my tree-hugging friends felt it was ok to indulge in some holiday cards, especially in the spirit of the season. Of course, we all knew I was just going to ignore the advice and make my own decision anyhow.

But I hate the thought of all of you staying up late nights, worrying about my decision, so I thought I'd let you know I have decided to go with a combination of #1 and #4. I couldn't resist the funny cards at VistaPrint and had to get them. I'm hoping their message will inspire some eco-talk amongst the recipients, or at least get a couple of chuckles. But, to help "offset" my purchase a bit, I will be trimming down my Christmas Card list this year.

I didn't know where to draw the line between friends, acquaintances and social contacts, so I came up with this little litmus test: If someone is a close enough friend or relative that I could call them up and ask to borrow something or bitch about stuff, then they are someone who should get a card. So if you get a card from me this year, feel lucky, but don't answer your phone because it might be me needing something. Or feeling bitchy.

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Green Bean said...

I think I'm still going with the no card option - don't feel bad though. It's primarily fueled by "I'm overwhelmed with projects"/"I'm lazy". :) If I were to drag myself out of that cauldron, I'd also go with not-so green cards (photo cards of the kids) but to a very small and select group.