Saturday, November 3, 2007

Day 110 - Ixnay on the Apwray

No Wrapping Paper This Year

Before I start the post, is it just me or does Blogger seem to change the paragraphs on everyone else out there too? I mean, I can have all my paragraph spacing the way I want it, hit "Publish" and BOOM! Suddenly I have about 37 carriage returns




Except today when it decided to squishallmyparagraphstogetherlikeonebigrunonsentence,similartothisonerighthere.

Rant over, posting starts here.

OK, continue with my Holiday Plan, this year I will not purchase any gift wrap for the presents I buy. Instead I will:

1. Reuse the gift bags I currently have
2. Reuse the tissue paper stash I have
3. Wrap in comics (for gift giving at home, so I know it will be recycled)
4. Sew up Gift Bags
5. Make bows out of real ribbons that can be reused

Personally, I've always done #1 and #2, not because I've always been eco-conscious, but because I've always been cheap.

I used to do #3 when I was a kid and I'm sure my kids will like it too. I need to start saving those comics now though, to make sure I have enough.

I've done #4 a couple of times with hard-to-wrap items and it's really quite a simple task. It helps that I sew for a meager living and have all the tools and materials already handy.

#5 will be tricky for me, though. I've never been a good bow-tier (that doesn't look like "Tie-Er", which is what I mean to say, not "tier" like a wedding cake layer). Anyhow, I'm going to stop by Michaels and see if one of those crafty ladies will show me how to make a fancy bow.


If I remember correctly, last year we stuffed two 13 gallon trash bags with wrapping paper, gift tags, bows and other miscellaneous trimmings. This year, I hope to cut that number in half. At least in half.

Difficulty Level: 2 out of 5

Knowing that I'll have to be creative in my wrapping, and possibly have to sew gift bags, I think I will be more motivated to keep the shear number of gifts to a minimum! Good for the earth, good for the cheapskate's wallet.


June Cutoff Cash said...

A) When I wrap a package, it looks like a three-year-old did it. I envy women who have that tying, wrapping gene. Fortunately there will BE no gifts from me this year.

B) I so want to do your MILF trick at Starbuck's. Is it okay that I am just hot cat mom?

C) Blogger messes up my leading all. the. time. Try highlighting everything and hitting that eraser button. The only problem is, it'll take away any italics or bolds. But the wonky spacing usually clears up.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I so relate to your comment about paragraphs in Blogger, specially with poetry. Bizarre! I've always reused materials to wrap gifts, small boxesand bags work too as well as reused gift paper.