Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 124 - Respect My Authority!

Questioning Authority

So you all know that young Ethan has been sick with strep throat this week. We went to the doctor, who gave him antibiotics, which he is taking as prescribed. While there, the doctor also told me to throw out his old, germ-ridden toothbrush and replace it with a new one.

Which I did.
And immediately regretted.

After all, his "old" toothbrush was a super-cool Spiderman toothbrush that had been purchased only last month. As soon as I got the new toothbrush home and unwrapped it from its plastic sheathing, I mentally kicked myself in the ass (I am far too uncoordinated to do this physically).

Instead of following doctor's orders for a new toothbrush, I should have taken a moment to ask one simple question: "Can't I disinfect his old one?". The answer, for those of you sitting on the edge of your seats, is "Yes". I checked online and there are a number of ways to accomplish this task. The simplest of which would be to stick it in the dishwasher with all the forks and spoons and Voila! the brush would have been sanitized. Sometimes I hate hindsight. It makes me feel dumb.

So, why did I blindly follow this woman's orders, even though it went against every new Green (and every old Cheap) fiber in my being? Because she is The Doctor and therefore she Knows Best. But wait, I'm not 11 anymore. In fact, I ain't even close. I think it's time for me to start questioning authority occasionally.

That's not to say I will toss free advice from health professionals out the window, but it does mean that I give myself permission to ask questions. Especially ones that will help me find a balance between the needs of my family and the needs of the environment.


If I could hop in my time machine, I would save two brand new toothbrushes (because you can't get something for The Boy without getting something for The Girl).

Difficulty Level: 2 out of 5

Disinfecting the toothbrush would be super easy. Questioning the doctor will take some moxy, but after a week of standing up the the County Waste Program, Dissing Dora and broadcasting details of my period to the world, I think I'm ready for the challenge!


Mary Elizabeth said...

I am my mother's daughter - I would've kept it for cleaning. That being said, I do pity little cleaning.

leslie said...

You are just adorable!
Every time I read your posts I laugh.
What a great writer and Great Green Mom.
I started laughing at the "Respect my Authori-tahh" heading, and right on through to the "...I"m ready for the challenge!" closing.
I hope Ethan is on the fast track to getting better.

Burbanmom said...

Awww, thanks for the kind words Leslie. Ethan is feeling MUCH better now :-)

Anonymous said...

The ADA recommends replacing toothbrushes every 3-4 or at least 6 months because the bristles don't clean as efficiently anymore. After a month's use, his toothbrush is probably still fine, but it is important to replace toothbrushes. :)