Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Day 138 - Takin' It to the Streets

Exercising Outdoors Instead of On A Machine

Let me start by saying I am not an athletic person. Never have been. My high school athletic career consisted of color guard, winterguard and cheerleading. And I could generally be found in the girls' bathroom smoking cigarettes before and after all of those practices. Oh, I was also on the girls' softball team for a season, but only so I could ride on the same bus with the boys' baseball team.

College didn't involve a lot of sports time either, unless Sambuca shot-drinking was a sport. Which I'm pretty sure it wasn't. During my workin' twenties I was actually at my most athletic -- I joined a bowling league for a few years. Beer, cigarettes and a 140 average. Not exactly Olympic material. Not even Special Olympic material.

But now, at the ripe old age of 35, I've decided it's finally time to get in shape. The metabolism has slowed down, the weight has gone up, and although I quit smoking, I still get winded chasing the kids around. And they're only going to get faster.

I do belong to a local gym, so I could just go hop on some electronic machine in a climate-controlled facility. But I'm not going to waste the energy required for a treadmill when I can get the same results without the electro-sucking devices. Instead, my friend (yes, I have one) and I have started running. Outside. On trails. Like nature intended. If, in fact, nature intended exercise at all. Which I'm not so sure it did.


Assuming I run for half an hour, that's .75 kWh. My goal is to run every day, so that would be 22.5 kWh per month, 270 kWh per year. That is, if I don't fall off the trail and break my leg - a distinct possibility.

Difficulty Level: 3 out of 5

Let's start with the fact that I don't really like exercising in the first place. Add to that the cold, the wind and the uneven trails and you've got a recipe for one cranky, out-of-breath, muscle-achin' runner. But misery loves company and I've got a partner, so I guess I'll keep on keepin' on.


Vera said...

my mom belongs to american family, and brian goes to some local one that is near i am left to my own devices. that's why i've been doing the green tea thing. lol. i tried to get up to do yoga this morning, but i am thinking of walking around the neighborhood instead later. but it is snowing now. maybe i'll go drink some more tea. lol. :-)

gregra&gar said...

My people have not been runners since the extinction of the last saber toothed tiger. If we were to turn off the electricity completely, just living would be sufficient exercise. Unstrapping our prosthetics long enough to unproductively work up artificial sweat to prevent total atrophy only to strap them back on seems self defeating.

Leslie said...

Walking is my sport. Nothing fancy, just lots of walking.