Friday, December 21, 2007

Vacation - Day Three

Happy Friday to You and Happy Birthday to My Sister, Shannon!

Woohoo! This is hubby's last day at work then he's off for ten whole days! Hopefully he'll survive his time with me and the kids!

Today is kind of a boring day. I wish we were up north and I could take my big sis out to lunch, but instead we have to take the old minivan in to the dealer. The rear seat needs to be unjammed (I'm guessing there's a plastic McDonald's toy wedged in the mechanism) and have a weird noise checked out. Nothing is more fun than sitting in a dealership for an hour or two with a couple of squirmy toddlers. Wish me luck.

Since we'll be half way down there, we might hit the big fabric store to pick up some fleece or flannel for some draft dodgers (the energy-saving type, not the President Bush kind). I also want to grab some bias tape to play with. I tried using it on an art apron I made last week for Daphne and I really like how easy it is to use! And Ethan and Daphne will both find a "project" there, I'm sure.

Am I boring you yet?

Well, if you're looking for a craft to do this week while you're on vacation -- I have found one for you! And it's not boring at all -- it is SO COOL! Fellow blogger Vera just made a Memory Game for her nephew for Christmas and you have GOT to check it out! I wish I had seen this six months ago, since that's how long it would take ME to make one. However, I just might start working on one for next year. It is hands down the coolest home-made gift for a toddler that I have ever seen!

Have a Fun Friday! Especially if it's your birthday! :-)


Vera said...

Hope you have lots of fun family time! LOL, I totally want to make another one for me & Brian of our wedding now!

Green Bean said...

That photo memory game is the COOLEST thing I've seen in a long time. Of course, I didn't discover it until today while I'm madly finishing pre-vacation Christmas preps. I'll have to make this for an upcoming birthday. Thanks for sharing.

heather t said...

That is a cool project, but to make it a little more frugal and "green," you could avoid buying a whole new Memory game and A) reuse an old Memory game, or B) glue the photos onto cardstock squares and corner-round them, then put the whole thing in a reused box. Super-cute idea!

Shannon said...

Way cool idea on the photo game - thank you for the birthday wishes! Can't wait to see you guys!!!