Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa Came!

And other double entendres.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday today - I sure did!

The kids loved almost all of their presents. Santa apparently pulled a bonehead move and tried to sneak some educational toys into Ethan's stash. The boy declared them "boring" and tossed them aside like an empty bottle of Stolichnaya.

But most of the toys were a hit! Ethan LOVED his new "big boy bike" and spent most of the day riding it in circles around the house. Daphne happily played with her doll house and her tea set (oddly enough, I have no moral objections to buying actual china from China - why is that?).

Hubby got his sports shirts, several books, an i-Pod car adapter and a radio-controlled dragonfly. Him, not so much with the green gift getting. And I try not to push my greenness on anyone who I hadn't actually given birth to. But the kids? Sucks to be them - I feel they owe me for the whole nine months and the labor thing.

I got my toaster oven and smart strip (although hubby is already to rip that sucker out of the wall -- it takes the cable box a full minute to reboot and he just doesn't have that kind of patience). I also got a couple of surprises including the new Richard Russo book (one of my favorite authors) and Stephen Colbert's "I Am America (And So Can You!)".

Somewhere in between the tea parties, dragonfly dodging, bicycle pushing and packing for our trip, I managed to devour that Colbert book. It is HYSTERICAL and I found myself laughing, guffawing, chuckling, chortling and snorting the whole way through it. It is most definitely worthy of the standard "uproariously funny" review given to such literature. I uproared at least six times reading it.

The kids never got dressed and hubby and I spent the whole day in our sweats. We ate mini-chocolate bars and Santa's leftover cookies most of the day. Our Christmas dinner was home-made pizza and root beer. It's kind of like "To Hell With Personal Hygiene Day" but with a dash of "To Hell With Proper Nutrition" thrown in for good measure.

Well, I'll probably be offline for a couple of days here, so have a great one, friends. I'll catch up with you sometime around the New Year!

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xDashofPanachex said...

oh man, Colbert has like 4 jokes every sentence. It's probably the one of the most comedy-dense book I've read in a while. Uproariously funny indeed.