Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

A Big Loser

We're finally home and settled back in. We had a great trip up north - despite the lack of snow. It was great, as always, to spend time with my family - I laughed, I cried, I ate. Mostly just laughed and ate, though. The crying was more part of the 10 hour car ride with two toddlers.

I pigged out like nobody's business on all sorts of goodies. Fudge, chocolates, popcorn, cookies, you name it, I ate it. I swear I was on track to gain about fifty pounds but then I got hit with a nice little stomach bug. Most would call it a 24-hour throw-up bug, but due to my tremendous aversion to - and uncanny ability to forestall - the actual vomiting, it was more of a 72-hour nausea and headache bug. Kind of felt like being pregnant, but without the sore boobies and impending financial burden.

At any rate, it has jump-started my #1 New Year's Resolution which is to lose weight. Just like it was last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. I'm not going on any fad diet or carb deprivation, just the old "eat less, move more" routine. It worked for me once, when I was waddling around at roughly 180 and dropped about 40 pounds in six months. We'll see if it works just as well using slightly smaller numbers.

I'm going to make the whole family suffer with me too. Yup, it's whole grains and vegetables for everybody. I'm really hoping to turn around our regular eating habits here before we morph into a family of couch potato-chips. I've got some inquiries out into local CSA's and will be trekking up to the local fish store again starting this week. I've also decided to introduce one new healthy food each week. This week our lucky produce item is: the sweet potato. I'm starting with the easy stuff and will work my way up to rutabagas and brussel sprouts later in the year.

I've got some other resolutions too. Some green, some not. Like improving my posture. Seriously, even as I type this - I know I look like Shroeder from Charlie Brown. That kid with the piano? Yeah, that's me. It's awful. I bet if I just stood up straight, I would look like I already lost ten pounds.

Of course, another resolution is to keep greening my lifestyle. I already have some new ideas I'm going to implement and I'll be back to my regular posting tomorrow. Wouldn't want to ruin the drama with any hints, though. But for now, I'm gonna go run around the block so I can afford the calories in my cider.

Happy New Year everyone!


Mary Elizabeth said...

I've told Heather before, I *Heart* http://www.sparkpeople.com They definitely helped me have the motivation to lose 30 lbs last year, and I'd like to lose another 25 lbs this year - so I'm back on the wagon, too!

Anonymous said...

OMIGOD! You are soooo me hunched over at the keyboard. And especially when I'm lugging around a 25-pound backpack with all my earthly possessions. I probably gain at least 5 inches in height when I stand up straight.

Are you doing Crunchy Chicken's weight loss thing?

Burbanmom said...

Hmmmmm. Maybe the posture thing is bookkeeping related (that's what I was in my previous life). You know, the way we're always hunched over ledgers and adding machines? They should do a study on that...

Anyhow, yes, I'm going to join Crunchy in the Waste Less Challenge she's starting. You wouldn't believe how much food we waste here (two finicky toddlers and all) and I'm looking for ways to cut back. I'm betting we could save about 25% on our grocery bill - no lie!

Green Bean said...

I'm doing the weight loss thing too. I did it last year and lost 15 lbs but I've regained half of that. Last time, I lost weight eating Lean Cuisines and Weight Watcher bars. How healthy or ecological is that? This way, I too, am trying to do the NOWASTE thing. I'm trying to lose this weight by simply eating 100 mile diet 90% of the time. That would do to the trick if I could just get some willpower. :)