Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bad Idea #3 -

Yeah, this is my most oft visited bad idea: Nothing.

When I just sit here staring at the computer screen and the inside my skull is just one big void. This happens a lot. And not just when I'm blogging.

Also, I didn't bother to write anything today, so the timing couldn't be better.


gregra&gar said...

What you call nothing is the void between experience and the descriptions of experience. The place where attitude circles perception with interpretations ranging from bad ideas through indifference to enthusiastic praise, I call the threshold. I'm sorry you see it as a bad idea because it can be the portal to deep meditation and communion with genetic memory — instinct's history. It is the birth place of pure intentionality and clear causal responsibility for resulting actions.

just ducky said...

I had oodles of sarcastic witty remarks until I read gregra&gar's I just feel very pathetic and silly...

No offense intended to gregra&gar whatsoever! You go on and rock the knowledge! I appreciate it--honestly. Humbled by it, but appreciate it...I'm gonna go read an encyclopedia or nap with my blankie or somethin'...:)

leslie said...

Grasshopper...he who does nothing, does nothing wrong!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah meditation, nothingness, leaping into the void, blah, blah. Sometimes I get inspired to write philosophical stuff like that myself. But Just Ducky, sometimes a little sarcasm and wit can make a person's day. And sex. Don't forget sex. Right, Burbanmom? (Hey, you started it with your public admissions the other day.)

Burbanmom said...


Yes, sarcasm, wit and sex are all great! As long as they're not happening concurrently. Remember the cardinal rule:

It's ok to laugh during sex. Just don't point.

- Burbanmom [once again, feeling her blog deteriorate by the minute]