Monday, January 28, 2008

Bad Idea #1 - Lighten Up

Bleaching My Hair With Henna

OK, I can deal with the no manicures thing. I can deal with skipping the conditioner and wearing dirty jeans. I can even deal with my weekly "To Hell With Personal Hygiene Day". But I cannot - repeat CANNOT - deal with the fact that I am sprouting grey hair!

Call me a girly-girl if you must, but I just couldn't take looking at those silver strands another day. And give me credit for not heading down to the salon for a round of chemical highlights. Instead, I found some natural henna hair color stuff at the crunchy-granola store and gave it a try.

Tell me what you think....

Here's the before shot (I'm the big one ;-)

And here's the after shot (again, the big one):

See the difference?

Yeah, me neither. I think the only thing that got lighter was my wallet.

To add insult to ugly, the hair color kit included a pair of disposable plastic gloves and shower cap. Grrr.


just ducky said...

I started using hair dye in June 2001. That is when 3 separate people (bastards) at my work told me within the span of one week "You have gray hair!"...ever since then--every 6-8 weeks I pull out the Garnier Nutrisse Truffle Brown and cover up my shame. Occasionally I won't have the time to do it, and by week 8 my daughters will randomly say "Your hair is getting really gray--no offense!" Well let me tell you...offense is definitely taken...Anyways, I've thought of giving up hair dye altogether (but I'm afraid the hair bastards of the world won't leave me alone) or trying a more environmentally friendly version, but my husband is traumatized by change and everytime I mention it he says "And give up the truffle? But I love my little truffle head!"...and then has a frightened look on his face...oh well, I guess I'll just have to work overtime in other areas of my life to "balance out" this eco-unfriendly hair dye thing....

Mary Elizabeth said...

a note on the gloves...In hindsight (yadayada) I'd have LOVED to have had those in college. I colored a friend's hair with henna - a reddish tint - and didn't have gloves - I was convinced that frequent washing of my hands would be fine. And then I had orange monkey hands for a week and orange fingernails for months. I know they shouldn't necessarily be disposable, but the orange nails weren't cool and I wish I'd had them;)

Green Bean said...

Ha ha. I posted a poll on my blog last night about what vanity items we would NOT give up. I was prompted to put the poll up when the grey hair I've been trying to ignore, kept sticking it's kinky, extra thick strands out at me. Yuk!

Glad to hear the hair color kit didn't work. You'll save me the effort. What is a dirty jean wearing, rare hair washing, eco-mom to do now? Let me know.

Wendy said...

Maybe my eyesight really is failing, but I don't see any gray hair on you.

A couple of years ago, I went to have my hair cut and the stylist asked me if I wanted her to "do something about this gray hair."

I told her I have five children and my gray hair is my badge of honor. Since then, one of my five children has given me a granddaughter. I've accepted that gray hair is now expected :)

Frankly, I could give a damn about my gray hair, but other things like my decreasing stamina and loss of strength and odd aches and pains are really starting to bother me. At forty-one, I'm not really that old, but some days ....

Anonymous said...

I don't see the difference, but I also don't see the gray hair. Maybe a close-up shot would help. I'll show you mine if you show us yours.


Burbanmom said...

OK, Beth. Did you ever notice how the minute-by-minute deterioration of my blog into adolescent jokes always seems to happen immediately following a FPF comment?!?!?!

Besides, You show me yours first.

Amy said...

Ha, I love "To Hell With Personal Hygiene Day"!

I didn't see anything in your water conservation posts about pausing the shower, so I thought I'd point out the Shower Shut-off valve - that's a picture of one I snapped at Home Depot, and happens to be the same as the one I've had in my shower the last 6 years. I turn the shower to full-hot to run the cold water out of the hot pipe, turn it down to the right temp as it's warming, then get wet. Pause the water while I lather up the shampoo, then drinse my fingers in the dribble before un-pausing (to keep soap suds from building up on the shutoff valve). Rinse out the shampoo, pause again for conditioner if it's a conditioning day, then wet my scrubby and pause while I lather my body & shave my legs. Rinse the fingers, un-pause, rinse off, and DONE. I figure the water's off for a minute if I don't shave, three if I do, and I have the standard 2.5 gpm shower head.

In the winter, I don't tun on the bathroom fan, and if I use the pause the shower isn't long enough to fog up my mirrors. Downside: you can get pretty chilly in the winter, without the hot water pouring down. Upside: a more humid house. Also, easier to shave my legs because the shower isn't rinsing off the suds before I get to the hard-to-reach spots.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and I just figured out why! My husband and family members occasionally read my blog, but I'm pretty sure they don't read yours. So I can come here and let my hair down. But that might change soon, when I mention your blog in a post I intend to do closer to Valentine's Day. Be very afraid. But remember that you started it.

Oh, and thanks for the Meme tag. I was wondering what I was going to write this week!

Burbanmom said...

ha! Yeah, my general rule of thumb is: When Aunt Anita reads this, is she going to fall out of her chair? Fortunately for me, AA is pretty cool!

So go ahead and "bring it" girl. I'm not afraid! :-)