Thursday, January 10, 2008


So the replacement cord arrived today. I was positively giddy with excitement as the Fed Ex man pulled away. I tore open the package and pulled out the adapter while doing my little "happy dance". I ripped my old cord from the wall and plugged in the new one.... only to find the damn thing doesn't fit my laptop!!!!

GRRRRRRR. So after a half hour on hold I finally get some chick who is nice enough, but tells me that's the only replacement cord they sell for my model and that it should fit. Yes, because I'm an absolute freakin' moron and don't know how to stick a cord in a hole. Give me a break.

So it's going back tomorrow. In the meantime I'm going to check Circuit City and Best Buy and see if they have anything in stock. Wish me luck.


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Anonymous said...

I want to see the happy dance! I guess you won't be doing it again until the new cord comes. Will you record it this time and post on Youtube?

Hey, thank you soooo much for the draft dodger! It arrived a few days ago, and I keep forgetting to thank you. (I never remembered to send thank you notes to my grandparents either, much to my mom's chagrin.)

I still have to fill it. I think I'm just going to go to my bulk foods store and get whatever beany or seedy thing is the cheapest.