Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bad Idea #4 - The Dishwasher

To Rinse Or Not To Rinse - That is the Question
I posted about not pre-rinsing my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher back in September. Can. Not. Do. It. Don't know why, but it freaks me out. Sister Heather picks on me about it, but then again, she picks on me about a lot of things. That's what VERY MUCH OLDER sisters do, I guess.

I have tried. I've tried and tried and tried to load those filthy plates in the washer, but it simply makes my skin crawl. So then I switched to the old "hand scrape" method, which made me dry-heave. Wierd, since a minute earlier I would have been snatching up that leftover meatball and popping it right in my piehole. I think it has something to do with the food nearing the proximity of the germy sink that makes it so gross. It's difficult to explain in words, but this is how my wierdo mind sees it:

Dry Toast

Dry Heave

Ice Cream

I Spew


Aha! Gotcha! There's no such thing as leftover bacon, silly!

Anyhow, the point is, this idea IS good -- if you have the stomach for it. Personally, I don't. And if this really IS how people load their dishwashers, I'm going to be deeply disturbed.


Vera said... the "no leftover bacon"...not too sure about the dog! I have to admit we do NOT pre-rinse...just toss it into the dishwasher and close the door and forget about it! :-) Works like a charm.

leslie said...

I needed that laugh...leftover bacon. You got me!!
I was confused, I must say, about the leftover ice cream. I didn't know it existed.

I rinse before the stuff goes in the dishwasher. The dog wants to help, but I don't let him. We stuff our dishwasher so full before using, I swear it's gonna explode. For whatever reason, our dishwasher does a great job. (now it's planning it's demise)

Funny peculiar thing about the response you have to sink food.

Green Bean said...

That is the funniest photo ever! Love it. :)

e4 said...

This post had me laughing even before I got to the bacon...

MamaBird said...

OK, that was hilarious. And maybe you can answer a burning question of mine -- why do the enviro friendly dishwasher detergents fail to clean dishes even remotely? We have a year old super efficient Bosch dishwasher which is fabulous EXCEPT for when we use the 7th gen or Trader Joe's green liquid. Then none of the dishes get clean. OK some of them do but many end up with food caked on them still. SO ANNOYING. So even though we forked over for the new dishwasher now we STILL have to prerinse and/or use super scrubber mode. We use vinegar in place of rinse aid, fwiw. Any ideas??

Burbanmom said...


Not sure why you're having issues with the eco-friendly detergents. I use 7G liquid and it's great. But then again, my dishes sparkle BEFORE I put them in the washer. In fact, I have accidentally unloaded "dirty" dishes more than once! (want to come over for dinner sometime?!?!?) Have you tried the powdered version of 7G? I have that in my cupboard right now, although I haven't used it yet - still using up the rest of the liquid 7G.

Rinse aid? What's that? Is that like Farm Aid? or Kool Aid? or Band Aid?

Heather said...

LIES! liesliesliesliesliesliesLIES!

The only person older than you is MOM.

MamaBird said...

Rinse Aid is this horrible tasting stuff that I have to put in my dishwasher or a light comes on to remind me. I think it's supposed to make the dishes not spot? Anyways, vinegar works great. And yes, if I wash all the stuff off my dishes the 7thG works really well! I just want to stop doing it (effort, h20 waste). Will try powder again, think i have some lurking around. Tx.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! I think my Feedblitz is not working because for some reason I missed this post until today. Laughing so hard at work that my co-worker is ready to call an ambulance.