Monday, January 14, 2008

#158 - Wrap It Up - I'll Take It

Getting My Meat Wrapped By the Butcher

You know I have a love/hate relationship with Kroger, right? Like, I love that they carry a good number of my preferred green products, but hate that they sequester them in the "crunchy-granola" section of the store. I love that they promote the use of reusable bags by providing a $0.09 discount per bag, but hate that no one has bothered to train the bag boys on how to fill them. And now, I love the butcher. So I need something new to hate to balance out the yin and yang. I have my eye on one of those old biddies in the deli -- they all look like trouble to me.

Why do I love the butcher? Well, let's start with: what's NOT to love about the butcher? He's got the inside scoop on the freshest meats, knows how to trim a standing rib roast and the one at Kroger actually has a mild sense of humor (unlike those deli be-yotches).

So here's me, wanting some pork chops last week. My dilemma? I don't want them packaged in a styrofoam container and then wrapped in plastic. My solution? The butcher. I saunter on up to the counter and request three butterflied chops. Then meekly ask if he can skip the plasticrap and just wrap it in paper. He tells me "I can, but it ain't gonna be pretty". To which I reply "that's ok, I'll be pretty enough for all four of us".

He laughs, a little too heartily, which I take to mean "lady, you're so hot that if you didn't have two screamin' snot-nosed kids with you and had bothered to shower before you came here, I'd jump over this counter and plant one on ya". Because I have a fun imagination like that.

So I got my three porkchops (sans plastic), a chuckle, and a new imaginary boyfriend. It was a good day.

**Note - the paper, I have since found, does have a waxy coating. Plastic? Dunno. I'll have to ask next time. Unless you know, in which case, please leave a comment!


One styrofoam container and a wad of platicrap. Assuming I buy pork or chicken or some meat product once a week, that's a savings of 52 containers and many, many yards of plasticrap per year!

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5

Asking for chops - easy. Getting them my way - easy. Flirting - easy (the flirting, not me).


Heather said...

If we crossed your flirty butcher with my flirty deli boy, I do believe we'd have an almost-perfect man-specimen.

debby said...

Butcher paper is traditionally coated with wax, but I'm going to have to look into it futher now.

heather t said...

What IS up with those snotty deli ladies? I have some at my store too.

Lady Di said...

Well, it could be wax or it could be LDPE. If it's freezer paper, it's probably plastic. If it's butcher paper it's more-than-likely wax. You might want to call Kroger's and ask them what they use.

Vera said...

That's brilliant! I never thought of going to the butcher. That would cut down on our trash even more. Is the cost about the same? Our Kroger gives us 5 cents back....not 9! (I think...)

leslie said...

I always make nicey-nice to the butcher and the produce man.
And I am diligently working on the deli lady. I have been able to warm her up by telling her how hard she works for such little appreciation. She always agrees.
Aside from the elimination of plastic, using the butcher helps him with job security. I do not relish the prospect of a future of only being able to buy mass produced prepackaged food. I really like interacting with another human when I buy my food. The old marketplace syndrome...

Green Bean said...

Girl, you are killing me. First the missionary comment and now this one. I don't know about you but between the skipping showers, the vinegar hair wash instead of conditioner and no exactly following Crunchy Chicken's NO WASTE, I am looking HOT!!