Saturday, January 12, 2008

Story Hour

STILL don't have a replacement cord for the damn laptop. Hubby now knows about the cord problem and is threatening to buy a new laptop, which I DO NOT WANT. It's not even an environmental issue of disposing of the old one. It's because that means I'd have to move all my data and pictures, reinstall software, re-organize my "Favorites", set up my email again (do I even KNOW my password for that?).... And I'm far too lazy to think about all that. Besides, tax season is upon us and geeky mathlete here is very excited to get on with with number crunching.

Because I have a home-based business, I do a complete set of financials that I use to gauge my progress and fill out my return. This year is even more exciting, since my sister, B-I-L and I formed a corporation together, I get to complete an 1120S for that, plus all the corporate forms the state and county like to see. Ooooohhh baby! Then, when all that's over and I'm feeling all post-tax season letdown - my sister sends me her tax information and I get to start all over again! I love the smell of Schedule C's in the morning.

But I digress. Often.

What I started to post about was the fact that since things are getting crazy around here and I'm starting to feel like I'm spending a little too much time staring at this screen, I'm going to stop posting eco-changes on the weekends. Instead, weekends will be "Story Hour" from here on out. And to make my life even easier, they will often be other people's stories!

If you'd like to nominate me for lazy blogger of the year, please feel free to do so. And then send me your receipts.

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Vera said...

What type of laptop cord do you need? We have a spare one that works, not sure if it will work for your computer? I'll email you!