Friday, January 11, 2008

#156 - Pro Choice

Using Catalog Choice

I'm still blogging about my attempt to cut back on the amount of recyclables here. Because as we all know, 'tis better to reduce than recycle, right? Today I'll be droning on about junk mail - specifically: catalogs. Before we begin, let's take yet another trip down memory lane. Don't worry - I'm getting old and the brain cells are dying, so it's a pretty short walk....

Back when this all started, one of my first changes was to "Put an End to Junk Mail". Mmmmmhmmm. I might as well have said I was going to "Stop Stupid People From Breeding", for all the good it's done me. I have spent countless hours on the phone with everyone from AARP to Zenith, trying to get myself off corporate mailing lists. And looking at the amount of crap that the post office drops off every day, I don't feel like I've made a dent. It's time to call for backup.

Enter: Catalog Choice

Over the past few months many of my eco-accomplices have raved about Catalog Choice. They've told me about how they've managed to finally stop the LL Bean catalogs from clogging mailboxes or convinced Lane Bryant that they're not a "big girl" anymore. So I decided to give them a shot.

For those of you who don't know, Catalog Choice is a non-profit organization sponsored by The Ecology Center. The mission of Catalog Choice is to reduce the number of repeat and unsolicited catalog mailings, and to promote the adoption of sustainable industry best practices. They provide the Catalog Choice services to both consumers and businesses, free of charge. Consumers can indicate which catalogs they no longer wish to receive, and businesses can receive a list of consumers no longer wanting to receive their catalogs.

Anyhoo, I signed up today and it was very quick and easy to do. I also happened to receive two unwanted catalogs today and found that "opting out" could actually be a simple, quick, online task, as opposed to an arduous, hair-pulling, curse-laden afternoon.

So the next time you get an unwanted catalog, give Catalog Choice a try. It's definitely easier than doing it the old fashioned way!


Guesstimating here, that I get about a dozen unwanted catalogs per month. If they can somehow stop all these marketing efforts, I'll be 144 catalogs lighter in one year.

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5



Gruppie Girl said...

You will love, love LOVE when this kicks in!

Between opting out of financial offers and most catalogs, i barely receive mail anymore. I like to think that my mailman appreciates a lighter bag.

Green Bean said...

I'll give it a shot. Heck, I'll give anything a shot. I joined Green Dimes last year and it barely made a dent. I then started calling everyone that sent me anything and that did help quite a bit but we're still getting some random catalogs here and there. The ones that really drive me crazy are ones where I've asked to me removed four or five times. Here's hoping this one works. :)

Shannon said...

Signed up today, thanks!!