Tuesday, April 15, 2008

#206 - Spreading The Word

Sharing What I've Learned With Others

Those of you who read my blog know that I'm pretty much a closet-greenie. I make these changes here, in the safety of my own home, without discussing them with the outside world. Why? I dunno. Fear of looking like a tree-hugging hippie? Fear of looking like a freaked-out peak-oil doomsayer? Fear of sounding like an annoying missionary from the Church of Climate Change?

Doubt it. Most likely it's just that same old fear I've had since I was six. Fear of Being Different. Because for whatever reason, I'm one of those fucked up individuals who wants nothing more than to fit in with everyone else. Strange. Double-strange, actually, since I'm also the biggest, loudest attention-seeking ham you'll ever meet.

Well, for a couple weeks now I've been thinking how great it would be if the kids' preschool would do something -- anything -- to celebrate the upcoming Earth Day on April 22nd. And today... guess what I did? Mmmmmhmm. I marched my fat ass down to the preschool office, declared myself EcoDorkess, Lord of the Green Tips, and offered to create an educational flyer to stuff in every kids' cubby.

I held my breath and prepared for the worst. But you know what? It never came. They did not laugh. They did not point. They did not throw rotten tomatoes at me. They didn't even stifle giggles while humming circus music.

In fact, they thought it was a great idea and asked if there were any other eco-activities I'd like to coordinate. Shuh. Yeeaaahhhh!

So this post is gonna have to be short and to the point so I can get to work on the flyer. Did I make a point yet? Oh, guess not. Well my point is: I have amassed a certain amount of eco-knowledge over the past year in my quest to be more green and it's time I shared some of that information with others. Because by sharing our ideas with others, we inspire. And when we inspire, we encourage others to take action. And action, my friends, is what will make the difference in our planet.

So go spread the word, folks. With the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. Or better yet, with a school near you!


Joyce said...

Good for you! I find that if you look for something that others can see a logical personal benefit from, you can really get them on your side. Styrofoam cups cost my church money, so I went after those, and lo and behold, they want to cut back on using them. Idling cars in front of the school are problematic for the children with asthma, so the school is willing to work on that. If we all look for those kinds of little changes, it will add up fast.

organicneedle said...

Ohhhh...I love it. What about making each kid their own little shopping bag? They could decorate them with macaroni and yarn, or what
ever other little scraps are floating about. You know what. I think I will do this with my son't PreK class. There are only 14 of the little gremlins, how hard could it be?

Anonymous said...

Go EcoDorkess! Way to step out there.

The extent of my eco-evangelism so far has been...umm...oh yeah, I tried to convince my siblings and their spouses that they should bring tupperware to restaurants to bring leftovers home in. But I think they were more persuaded by the idea that they wouldn't have a garlic-y bit of styrofoam stinking up their trashcan, than by any benefit to the earth. Oh, well, whatever motivates the changes right?

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

Well, there ya go! Start to convert 'em young I say. Whip those sprouts into green beans(that isn't copyright infringement is it?) Have fun!

Todd said...

That's a great thing to do! Do you think Max's school would be open to be doing a lecture to his fellow classmates parents on manners?

Way to go Erin - ideas like this will get you on Ellen :)

Brian said...

Here's another site with some great eco-ideas:

Green Bean said...

What a total awesome idea. I'm going to have to steal it and do the same thing at my boys' preschools this week. I am like you - it's so hard to stick our necks out and appear different, to let people know what green activities we are actually doing. Good going green!

MamaBird said...

Yay, Burban Mom! You rock. Sounds like they are eager for more ideas, so go forth and...educate.

arduous said...

Hooray! That's awesome Burbanmom. And the bonus is if you teach kids about this kinda stuff, they go home and make their parents recycle and all.

Leslie said...

Dear EcoDorkess,
Be sure to include your blog address on the material!

eco 'burban mom said...

Dear Madam EcoDorkness,

Maybe you could offer to *gasp* visit your child's school to talk to the little tykes about recycling or the importance of choosing not to take another plastic bag or even how to conserve water when brushing their teeth? I am sort of a closet-green individual myself (my neighbor even questioned my organic brown eggs she desperately needed to borrow, she didn't think they would cook the same!) so, I learned to keep my 'weird' habits to myself, except for trash day! But, like you, I took the plunge this year and volunteered to organize a "green team" for my 4 sons little league to set up a recycling program and to raise awareness. A couple of the beer-drinking dudes find it really funny (ha, ha, look, guys! It's the Trash Lady!), but I did get one Dad who actually went out of his way to thank me. And, now I even have one other family who is volunteering with me! And, most importantly, my kids know now that 1 person can really make a big difference - even if she's a little shy! Maybe this counts toward your Giver challenge, but either way, I am proud to finally be "out of the closet"!! Go, EcoDorkness, Go!

lamamanaturale said...

Too funny! I love it. My sister just recently signed me up to talk in front of my niece's 2nd grade class about Earth Day on ED (this is definitly part of the giving back challenge)! I like your flyer idea. I've been thinking about what I might say...and how I can be creative. The flyer idea helps. Thanks. BTW- If you get a chance, stop by my site- I'm hosting an Earth Day giveaway with some eco-cool prizes!! Don't miss out! ; )

Wendy said...

This is fantastic! I'm a bit of an introvert myself ... except on my blog ;). So, whenever something cool happens (like being republished at GroovyGreen), I'll send out a mass email. My husband's aunt, who reads my blog, emailed to ask me why I've "banned Kotex products." It was funny! She also emailed me to tell me she's anxious for the Farmer's Market to open. It's very cool that even without being "out there" about my philosophies people are noticing and are interested in making little changes, too.

So, good for you! And I guess Margaret Mead was right - one person CAN make a difference :).