Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Notes I wish I had the balls to leave:

Dear Inconsiderate, Selfish Bitch;

Just a note to let you know that you have once again parked your minivan in the handicap parking space at preschool. That's right - HANDICAP - as in physically disabled or impaired.

Despite what you might think, that little logo on the blue background is not a depiction of you and your round, lazy ass. Nor is it a crude representation of you sitting on a throne with the world revolving around you.

I notice that you have parked your vehicle practically sideways (I'm assuming this is to indicate to the rest of us that you are in a great rush). However, taking up TWO handicap spaces at one time gives the appearance that you either you are a double-giant asshole or are drunk.

I get it. You're busy. Guess what? So are the rest of us. We're moms. We're ALL busy. We ALL have errands to run, laundry to wash, and houses to clean. You're not quite as special as you might think.

Also, I can't help but notice your lovely designer track suit, expensive sneakers and bouncy ponytail ensemble. I'm guessing you're hurrying off to an important meeting at your fancy gym. Which makes your parking choice seem not only thoughtless, but also a tad ironic.

In the future, please refrain from parking your smug ass in spaces legally allocated for the physically disadvantaged. After all, I'd hate for some angry eco-dork to park behind you and accidentally block you in.

Not that I would do that.

I hope you fall off your treadmill and have to wear an ankle-to-crotch leg cast. At least then you'd be able to park here legally.




leslie said...

Think "valve caps".

Mud Mama said...


Papa Pan doesn't just leave notes HE CONFRONTS PEOPLE WHO DO THIS!

This is his biggest bee in his bonnet - and he has a few!

Comes from working in Spec Ed I think!

eco 'burban mom said...

Oh, thank you, thank you for that rant... LOL Hopefully little miss track suit stumbles upon a note like this shelacked to her windshield someday!

Anonymous said... time leave in on her windshield...I love it!

jenny said...

My aunt once got a note left on her windshield: A drawing of Mickey Mouse giving the finger and it said: Next time leave a f*^king can opener so I can get my car out!

She saved the note, made copies and started using them herself!

Heather said...

Wow! I think people get in such a rush that most of the time they don't even realize how much they hurt or frustrate others. I often run into people like this at the grocery store (cutting in line, checking out in the self service lane with a cart FULL of groceries). It's difficult at times, but I try to use it as a reminder of why it's so important to slow down and be aware of my surrounding and how what I do and say affects others. It usually helps to calm me down to think that the person just doesn't realize what they are doing. Then I feel bad for them instead of angry.

Gruppie Girl said...

I feel for you! How inkind can one person be?

A friend did the same thing at camp last summer. I couldn't even make eye contact with her for weeks afterward.

Lora said...

An annoying "busy" mom at my son's preschool did the same thing. This really burns me up because my daughter is disabled so we are actually entitled to a permit, but I think we are getting by just fine without one at this point. I picked up a Handicap permit application while at the DMV/Secretary of State and stuck it on her windshield. Haven't seen her park there since.

Burbanmom said...

Lora -

That is, by far, the absolute BEST solution I have heard for this problem!!! I'm gonna go to the DMV and pick me up some of those!

Julie said...

I HATE it when people without any apparent handicap park in handicap spots, and do it sloppily, as if their so-called handicap gives them the right to ignore basic rules such as "parking within the lines."

It cheapens a system designed to help those who truly need it and it outrages me too. Thanks for posting this.