Monday, April 21, 2008

#209 - Engage Others With Motivational Posters

OK, this isn't really one of my changes. Things got a little crazy around here this weekend and I spent a better part of my Sunday in the Emergency Room with Daphne. Poor kiddo is not handling the Richmond allergy season too well and is wheezing her way through spring. So now she is on nebulizer treatments every four hours, which means Mommy's got to do some stealth-steaming tonight at 11 pm and 3 am.

And since I hadn't even thought about Mondays post until now (9:00 pm Sunday night), well... you can see where this is going. Or rather, where it's not going. So instead of spurring you into action with a motivational eco-poster, I'll be giving you something more like this:

or this:

or maybe this:

And, of course, the concept that let me finish this post in under 30 minutes:

So have a good Monday, folks. And if any of you have any exciting plans for tomorrow (Earth Day!) I'd love to hear them! I'm celebrating by passing out my flyer at the kids' preschool and meeting with a landscape designer to get some advice on planting drought-resistant native species in our yards. Later in the week I'll be touring our local recycling facility! Sadly, I am very excited about this!! :-)


Vera said... those posters. Hope your kiddo is feeling better with the pollen!

organicneedle said...

Central Park for me and my little people. Thought we might do some actual tree hugging. :)

Anonymous said...

How much of a nerd does it make me that I'm jealous of you getting to tour a recycling plant, AND that I laughed the hardest at the Star Trek one? Have fun and of course we'll want to hear all about it!

MamaBird said...

*love* love the fauxvational posters! hope your sweet one feels better and that you have wild success at your preschool meeting.

Green Bean said...

So sorry to hear about Daphne. Looks like we're on the same page - my little guy is back no the nebulizer after another asthama attack on Thursday and an emergency visit to his asthma specialist.

Can't wait to hear about the recycling facility and new plants for the yard. Would you mind posting the flyer you did?

eco 'burban mom said...

Best of luck at the school, I am sure the kids will love it. They are so much more open to change than most adults! My sons embrace recycling and conserving, which makes me so pleased. My 5th grader realized (all on his own!) that his elementary school only recycles paper - no plastic. He now collects all of his buddies plastic bottles and brings them home and dumps them in our own recycle bin. This is how you know that you are making a difference! When you see the children making lifestyle changes - all on their own! Have a great Earth Day - you are making a difference!

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

I loathe motivational posters with the calendar pictures and barfy sayings-GRRRRRR
Thanks for the mockery, it made me chortle.

Chile said...

I love's posters! And I really enjoyed touring a recycling facility a number of years ago. It was eye-opening.