Tuesday, April 29, 2008

#213 - End of Discussion: Period.

Yeah. So. Whatever...

I guess it's not as gross as I had originally thought. But I'm still not putting any of it on my tomatoes.


As if you all haven't heard enough gory details about my period and my birth control, I'll recap my monthly schedule. Because I use Mirena, I really don't have a monthly period. Just a couple days of spotting each month, barely enough to justify the disposable pantyliners I've been using. So the savings are small, but still, it's a savings. I'd say, oh, five pantyliners per month.

Difficulty Level:

Because my 'flo is so light, I don't have to worry about pre-rinsing the pantyliners, they just get tossed in the laundry with everything else. For those of you who have a heavier flo, you might want to consider the Diva Cup or The Keeper, as they both seem to have many, many satisfied customers! In fact, Crunchy is having another Diva Cup Challenge in May!


organicneedle said...

Surprisingly undogbed like. Hmmmmmmm.

Vera said...

Wow...brave brave brave. :-)

Verde said...

How about in the compost?
No, I get it. I vowed not to discuss it in my kitchen posts.

Going Crunchy said...

I love my cloth pads! I got two from Etsy sellers and a whole stash from a kind reader that send me a little bloggie love mail.

They are awesome. I haven't tried the Diva yet as I'm just very happy with cloth pads.

Anonymous said...

I use the Diva cup and I have to say my corn has never looked better! Hadn't thought about tomatoes....maybe next month.

Jenny said...

I recently bought some cloth pads at Etsy also. Have you seen the one's by "Guardian"? they are just wonderful! I love the little guardian angel on each one and they come in such bright and cheerful colors. I didn't think I would like cloth pads at first but now that I tried them I'd never go back.