Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1 Sky PSA Contest

From 1Sky:

We're only 49 days away from one of the most important elections of our lives. But instead of addressing the long list of challenges we face, the presidential campaign has been sidetracked by small scandals and petty politics.

We need to bring the focus back to those challenges--especially the failing economy and the climate crisis. We face no greater task right now than confronting global warming and building a new economy powered by clean, renewable energy.

That's why we launched the Climate Matters online video contest a few weeks ago with our friends at Brighter Planet to send our next president a clear message: America is ready for bold leadership on climate and a new energy economy.

The submission deadline is this coming Monday, September 22--only 6 days away--so upload your most inspiring 30 or 60 second video message today


For inspiration, take a look at this public service announcement written and directed by Nikos Spiridakis, a ten-year-old climate activist.


leslie said...

I was moved by the young girl on the "Ask the Children" clip asking that we "save some for us".

We have strayed soooo far away from climate issues, in our headlong downhill tumble over lipstick.

Andrew at 1Sky said...

Thanks for the post! All videos should be uploaded to the climate matters webiste, www.vimeo.com/climatematters, by midnight tomorrow (9/22/2008)!

Keep up the great work!