Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Million Ways to Save

Many, many, many thank go out to Rob for his wonderful and informative guest posts on fixing the leaks in our homes! Now that we're all leak-free and I have recovered from my laughing fit at the mention of "sill cocks", "rod bending" and "ball cock valves",


Ok, I guess I'm still getting over that. Anyhow, today I'll wrap up all the other water conservation changes I've made over the past year. Hopefully, you can check them out when you have a minute and save a few more gallons per month!

The biggest water drain for most suburbanites is the lawn. Americans are obsessed with manicured lawns - even though they require a shitload of care and attention. My advice? Rip it all out and grow a garden instead. If, however, you live in a subdivision where they frown upon such creativity, at least shut off the sprinkler system. If you use a sprinkler system more than twice per week, this one change will likely save you more water than all the other changes combined.

In the bathroom, try to be conscious of how much water you use. Turn the water off when you brush your teeth, don't waste bathwater by waiting for it to get hot before plugging the drain, don't always turn the water on full blast, don't go overboard on bathing the kiddos (it dries out their skin anyhow) and don't forget - two pees and a poop ('nuff said).

And as for appliances, check your owner's manuals to see if your washing machine and dishwasher have a short cycle that will save you gallons each week. And of course, don't make more work (and waste more water) by washing clothes that aren't really dirty.

Hopefully these water saving tips, coupled with the leak-seeking and professional plumbing advice will help you to greatly decrease your water usage. And if you're on municipal water, you'll be able to enjoy those savings on your next bill! I just love it when "going green" and "saving green" go hand-in-hand, don't you?


Robj98168 said...

LOL I still think america needs to rethink about urinals and every home should have one- preferably a waterless urinal- and girls can use them too
I got a call from my cousin - her plumbing is a mess-The tub flows constantly (I was going to do a bucket test but didn't want to make fer feel worse- but i would guess an easy 5 gallons an hour of HOT water! her bathroom sink leaks, beyond replacing a washer -Again hot water- she has been turning of the supply valve. And she has a messed up hose bibb(faucet) in her front yard. Will be doing repairs on Tuesday- I told her she will be surprised when she gets her water and gas bill!

leslie said...

I knew I could count on you Burbs, not to allow all those great plumbers terms to get by ya!

This post, focusing on low water use, and Rob's mention of urinals, made me think about how we toilet train our youngsters.

Getting to 'flush' after using the toilet is the 'reward' phase of the process in a kids mind. (ask how I know about kids' minds)
I have seen lots of toddlers in the process of learning go directly to the flush stage and just flush repeatedly because it's fun.
I had never considered urinals as a household option, but, man, it could make toilet training way more effective while saving a bunch of water.