Sunday, September 21, 2008

Potty Talk

Once again, a guest plumber post from the lovely and talented Rob Johnson!

You just did the Burbanmom Sleek Food Color Trick Test in your toilet and have discovered your toilet runs (leaks). Fear not - this too is a simple fix. Sometimes as easy as bending a rod!

BM interrupts: That's what he said.

First determine if your ball cock valve (not getting dirty here- that is what it is called and most older toilets have one -it's that big ball-looking thing in the tank) is shutting off. Simply pull up on the rod slightly – if toilet stops running then this is your lucky day! Just bend the rod down holding the ball cock! Hold the rod in one hand and push down – carefully - with the other hand on the ball. Just don’t bend too far.

BM interrupts: That's what he said.


Replace the flapper valve. Again, go to your friendly neighborhood hardware store take the old flapper with you, then follow the directions in the video below.


Replace the toilet fill valve. Get a suitable replacement at you local hardware store- they can help you figure out what type to get - and just follow the helpful video

There you have some useful tips on toilet problems. All “I can’t believe I spent so much for that *&^@^%$ plumber” simple jobs!

Thanks again, Rob!


leslie said...

I have a plumber neighbor, and the majority of his business is doing this very same repair.
Thank you so much, Rob, for sharing this.
I am amazed that Burbanmom contained herself to "he said" comments. There was just so much rich material here for her to work with...
Nice job, Burbs! :)

Burbanmom said...

OMG, Leslie! It was the hardest thing I did all week!

PS.. that's what she said!