Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rob Continues to Make Up Dirty Words....

One last post from guest blogger and plumber extraordinaire - Rob Johnson - as he walks us through our final home leak repair and dazzles us with made-up, dirty-sounding words.


A lot of people forget about the “sill cock” or hose bibb on the outside of their homes, which can leak as much as their faucets and they never think about it because it’s outside and usually in a spot that is not very visible. Here is the repair order for fixing a leaking sill cock: (Sorry the guy is so monotonous, but he did a good video series on repairing sill cocks.)

BM: Sorry, had to remove videos as they were making strange popup warnings appear. All videos can be found at Sorry for any confusion!

There you have it. Your home should be leak free. These are all simple repairs that do not require a plumber just some simple tools that you can get at any hardware store:

Pair of channel lock pliers
Pair of needle nose pliers (for getting out small washers)
Screwdriver – preferably a 6 in 1 screwdriver- should cover all the screwdriver needs

That’s all you should need to go around the house and fix your leaks.

Super-big THANK YOU goes out to Rob for all of his wonderful posts these past two weeks on fixing the leaks around your house - without drowning in plumbing bills! Thanks, Rob - you're a prince among men!


Robj98168 said...

Burbs this has been too much fun- gonna have to take one of those heart pills!
Quick note- you can pick up the tools for cheap at a dollar store-Except invest the money in quality Channel Lock brand pliers as they double as a pipe wrech should you need one. But I use needle nose pliers from the dollar store, and quite often the screwdriver has come from there as well.

leslie said...

Thank you, Rob!
These are valuable how-to's!
And than you BurbanMom for putting them on your blog.
Thank you, both, from the bottom of my toolbox.

I am still just totally amazed at your apparent self control, Burbs, concerning all these double entendre word meanings floating/leaking out on these posts.
I fully expect an upcoming post utilizing all of them in one flush of words...