Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Little Change is Good

Have I mentioned lately how much I am enjoying Rob's guest posting? Not only are we all learning how to fix our leaks, but I have barely lifted a bloggy finger this week! Here's more advice from Rob!


Changing the washers on your faucet can be one way to stop the drips! Very simple to do, very smart to do! Just watch this handy video to learn how to change the washers.

Looks pretty easy! Remember to shut off your water supply valves before taking the handles off!

Now what if you have a cartridge type or stem valve? If you believe the manufacturer, these are never supposed to leak. Bull Shit. We have over 200 of these where I work and they leak all the time. Here is an instructional video on changing them:

Now what about the tub you say? This video will show you how to easily change those stems as well:

That should help you all in stopping the water leaks inside your house. On Friday we'll tackle the leaks outside!

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