Tuesday, February 12, 2008

#172 - When You Care Enough to Make the Very Best

Making My Own Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day is just around the corner... in fact, it's only two days away, gentlemen. So if you're gonna do something sweet for your sweetie, you need to get your ass in gear NOW. We ladies have been done for several days now.

And don't think that the pathetic, crinkled, leftover card, the mismatched, too-large envelope and the Whitman's Sampler you're gonna pick up at Walgreens on your way home from work Thursday is gonna pass muster.

It's almost like I'm psychic, isn't it?

Well never fear, Burbanmom's gotcha covered. Here's what you do: Grab some paper and a pen and write her a love letter. Sound simple? It is. And your [wife/girlfriend/mistress/sig ot/life partner/stalking victim] will treasure it more than any Hallmark you could ever purchase.

You don't have to be a poet, either. Just keep it simple, honest and from the heart. Tell her how beautiful she is, tell her how smart she is, tell her how having her in your life makes you happier than you ever thought possible. But most of all, tell her that you love her more every day.

If all that doesn't work, tell her you saved $4.95 on a card. That's sure to impress her.

Happy Almost Valentines Day!

PS... yes, that's the actual card I made for hubby for Valentine's Day. Eat your heart out, Vera. ;-)


Brian said...

Alright, I want to see the INSIDE of the card...did you tell your husband how smart he is, how having him in your life makes you happier than you ever thought possible and how beautiful he is??


Wait, I've got to write this down on a scrap piece of Xerox paper and draw a heart on it to give to my wife...I know she'll love it because she's your sister...


Actually, I've got something a little different in mind...I'll tell you later...

Grant said...

I'll be doing my normal ultra-consumption reducing Valentine's Day ritual. My wife will get a kiss, an "I love you", and dinner conversation with yours truly...just like every other night. No cards, no flowers, no candy. I don't need a holiday to show my affection, nor do I enjoy being told by society that "today is the day you're supposed to buy your wife flowers". I think that sort of sentiment is worth more on a 'regular' day, anyway.

Green Bean said...

Sweet idea! And, hey, do you know my husband? That's his routine. I'll have to exempt him from it this year and forward your post to him.

N. & J. said...

My fiance and I use Valentine's Day to just chill and treat ourselves to pizza. So I guess we both get off easy :)

Chile said...

Hm, I wonder if my sweetie kept the collage one I made him years ago?