Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm So Glad Someone Pays Attention to These Things

Because Obviously, I Don't

My big thanks go out to Blue Girl, who has once again been delving into some environmental issues via the farce that is our American political scene. If you've got a minute, please read her article about Sunflower Electric Power Corp. attempting to bribe the Kansas State Legislature into allowing the creation of two new coal plants in Kansas.

And if you think Blue Girl is your typical news drivel, copy-and-paste-what-the-big-guys-are-publishing-but-put-my-own-spin-on-the-last-paragraph type of blog, let me assure you, it's not. It is thoughtful and insightful (who'd believe I'd even know what those words meant ;-) and easy to read. Let me give you an excerpt from the story:

But House Speaker Melvin Neufeld (Wingnut, Ingalls) thinks it's a jolly good notion, that the state should just flip up her skirts and let Big Coal have a go.

OK, so that particular quote doesn't really give you the meat of the story, but it definitely illustrates why I read her more than I do CNN. It's news written in a way I can get on board with and not fall asleep reading. Plus it's very liberal. Like me. She does her research and has even scooped The Washington Post on some topics. If you haven't read her blog before, I'm tellin ya, you're missin out.

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