Friday, August 15, 2008

Goatastic Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered my Goatastic Giveaway!

So I search out the random number generator and ask it to please pick me a number between one and thirty-six, since that's the number of comments I received. Here's his (hers? its?) pick:

Let's see... comment 32... 32...

Nice. It's my own friggin' comment. Note to self: do not leave comments on giveaway posts.

So, back to the RNG....

Congratulations to 'Just Me'! Drop me a line at emcoe AT verizon DOT net with your snail mail address and I'll get your goat soap shampoo and body bars out to you asap!

And to everyone else, I still have lots of goat soap shampoo bar samples left. Drop me an email if you'd like to try one! I used my kitchen mandolin to cut the slices, so they're very uniformly cut. And they smell a little like cheese. Bonus!


Chile said...

LOL! You won your own giveaway. Nice.

Just Me said...

Oh, wow! Thanks so much! I've never won anything before! Well actually, once, in high school, I won a free Mary Kay makeover, and that was a total disaster because I was a 16-year old punk rocker with no money to buy the nice Mary Kay lady's products. I was too stupid, apparently, to realize before I entered the drawing that the makeover was just a ploy to get me to buy some product. So. I'm hoping this win turns out much better.

Thanks again!!

jenny said...

I got your soap sample yesterday in the mail and last night I tried it out. I have too much hair!! I barely washed the top part of my head and didn't have enough soap left for the bottom part of my hair. Smells great though, and the husband mentioned this morning that my hair looked good. I didn't even tell him that I was trying out new 'poo'.

After I use up the shampoo I have in my bathroom closet, I'll look into finding local goat soap. We have a great festival in town coming up and last year they had several people selling goat soap items. If they are back this year, I'll check and see if they have 'poo' and buy a whole bar to try out!

Anyway, thanks for the sample!! :o)