Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 102 - Time for a Change

Getting My Oil Changed When, And Only When, Required

Do you change your oil every three months or 3,000 miles? If you do, you're even more anal than I am. And that's saying a LOT! It's also saying that you're probably changing your oil more than is necessary and wasting resources each time. While having your vehicle in tip-top shape is important to ensure the best possible gas mileage, there is such a thing as too much maintenance.

I am going in tomorrow to get my second oil changed for only the second time this year. Why only twice? (I know what you're thinking -- L A Z Y -- But you'd be wrong! Kind of.) I'm only on my second oil change because my vehicle's manufacturer does not recommend/require an oil change every 3,000 miles. Most cars don't these days.

I have decided that Honda knows more about what its engines can handle than I do and am going to abide by their recommendations for all my maintenance items. I will simply ignore that annoying sticker JiffyLube insists on attaching to my windshield and will instead listen to what Honda tells me. After all, they're not looking to squeeze another $39.95 out of me every quarter.


If I followed Jiffy Lube's instructions, I'd be on my fifth oil change. By following my owner's manual instead, I have saved more than 50% of the oil I would otherwise have consumed during that time. Of course, I do still go to Jiffy Lube, since I know they properly dispose of and recycle the oil. They're not entirely evil, afterall.

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5

Can I start giving some of these negative ratings? Seriously, my car tells me when to get the oil changed, how much easier could it get?


Mary Elizabeth said...

my jiffy lube recommended I have my air filter changed THREE times and got SNIPPY with me on the third time. I told him I'd change it myself, but then had a battery die or something and asked wal-mart (please don't hate me for the nasty corp.) to take care of the air filter too. I live in the South and so mr. wal-mart countryfied employee came to me and said "Ma'am, we sure woulda changed that air filter if it'd needed doin', but it didn't." - as opposed to the jiffy lube guy who told me "ma'am, really, this air filter needs to go, we can't even see through it anymore" - Um, I was unaware you could SEE through AIR FILTERS! *sigh* I hate untrustworthy car peoples. We had issues with evil transmission man yesterday. End rant;)

Burbanmom said...

M.E. -- I know what you mean, the air filter is always in dire need of a change, according to them. Hubby gave me the lowdown on how to deal with it. Tell them to use the compressor to "blow it out" (ie: clean it) and put it back in. I also lie and tell them that my (hubby, Dad, BIL, whatever) is a mechanic and that I'll have him look at it when I get home. Usually shuts them up... Poor guys must work on some sort of upselling commission structure.

June Cutoff Cash said...

I had no idea you didn't have to change your oil every three months! And I am "overdue" for one. Am gonna get out my VW manual and see what they say. Thank you for this info!!